15 Minutes of Fame Dec/21/2012

It was way into sunrise by the time we make it into bed so the alarm clock got set for 10am. We head east towards Cancún. A complete change of scenery as we are driving on narrow municipal roads through tiny towns of which some don’t even have electricity.
The road to Cancún leads right next to Chichen-Itzá. Alex had already seen it I didn’t have much interest but since it is claimed as one of the wonders of the world, I went. Already the town coming in, and Chichen-Itzá were completely packed with meditators, partiers and visitors of all kinds.
Comparatively, Chichen-Itzá is a bit bigger than Uxmal but unlike Uxmal, that is located in the middle of nowhere, it is in the middle of a tourist metropolis. Since Cancún, Playa de Carmen, Isla del Mujers and Cozumel are not too far away, the place was absolutely packed, and I mean shoulder to shoulder.
After a friendly nod from a cop on a Triumph Tiger, we park our bikes right at the front entrance. Just getting off the bike the onlookers start coming up and asking the usual bacchus of questions. Where we are from, where to, how long? Jim and his wife are motorcycle club owners from Vegas named musclebikesofamerica.com were amongst them, were interested in every aspect of our trip.
Alex has been in previously so chooses to stay behind. Inside, literally hundreds of souvenir shops to add to the commercialism. After Uxmal where I had peace and quiet to explore and discover, this one was a little of a disappointment.

I step out outside and Alex and the bikes are drawing a crowd. People from all over the world. States, Germany, Mexico. Coincidently a gentleman also named Alex and his newlywed approach us well. This couple is from Chihuahua are owners of another moto club. The doctors club as they called it. All are pedos, gynos, dermos, etc. By now we are doing photo shoots with the non believers. “Autographs at the airport folks!!!”
We head out to yet another beautiful colonial town of Valladolid about 150km out of Cancún where we spend the night.



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