End of the World Dec/20/2012

We packed early today and just tour around the sites here. First stop was Uxmal. A huge ancient city. It took us a few hours to get through it. We were notified that our tickets are valid all night and we can return anytime.




We drive to Muna about 10 km away to get lunch in the main square and continue our tour to ancient cities of Loltún, Labná and Kihuich before we head back to Marisol’s place.

So Marisol’s plans fell through and we ended up getting a hotel in Muna. Alex was a little tired and stayed behind so I went off venturing on my own. A few more sites a few more caves. We meet up at the hotel later and down to the square in Muna to have a few beers by the side of the road. About 5 fed cruisers pull up including fed tow trucks and other equipment and hang out for about an hour next to us. I can only assume they are doing a road block somewhere between here and Uxmal.
We get there at about 8pm and the place is closed. Like usual, whoever gave us that information just wanted to tell us what we want to hear but not everything was lost. We found out the place opens at 3am and thus will be open for the solstice. We weren’t about to head back and chose to make a bedroom in the parking lot only to be woken by a few security guards a hour later. At first they were persistent that we leave, but after making up a short story that we had tickets and we are meeting some friends for the 3 pm opening, they let us stay. I finally start to fall back asleep as the buses with our friends start pulling in. I lost couldn’t of the buses but there were about a thousand people by the gates when we got there. But wait, “why is everyone in white or yellow with yellow ribbons on their heads”? Alex is now sticking out a bit now with his Harley Davidson shirt. I blend in perfect with my yellow Elvis Presley shirt. So much that a lady moves over in line and has me pair up with her in line before the gates. That still doesn’t solve the ticket problem and who the hell these people are but it’s starting to come together. Yellow was only worn by the maestros as they later referred to them. Teachers of a kind. There was thirteen of them, fourteen with me and the whole mass was a meditation and a welcome of the new 14th Mayan cycle. Ok, ticket. I noticed they were checking them. As I’m a few steps from the gates sweating up another story, Alex pops up and hands me a ticket. The guy is as smooth as ever. Got them of one of the organizers.
Back at Uxmal again. Everyone gathers in a circle and a ritual begins. A speech in 3 languages with chanting in Mayan in between plus a lot of inscents burning a lot of hand raising to the sky. The solstice starts at 5:12 and the whole mass started meditating a few minutes into that. Finally one of the maestros started a speech at about 5:20 so I could finally shut my sport cam off and wasting precious gigs on silence and darkness. It’s set so it makes an insanely loud beep when it stops recording. This is so that I can hear it through the helmet at speed. The thousand meditators were stone quiet and I did not want to spoil the moment for them.
So this is how I saved the world. At least for these guys.

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