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It Always Works Out Dec/22/2012

23 Dec

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So I get an email this morning from my friend Romana that they are flying out to Isla de Mujer in a few hours and if we are near by. It takes little to convince us, and after Alex’s confirmation we set out. Both bikes needed some service anyway and there is BMW dealer in Cancún.
As we are filling up 40km out of Cancún, a a curious type approaches us. Dino turns out to be a fellow BMW rider out of Paris. He has been living in the are for decades and has a ecolodge on the Mayan Riviera called Jolie Jungle and a whole bunch of bike connections. He points us to see his buddy Augustin. On the way to Augustin’s we drop by the only BMW dealer in town to pick up a set of front pads. There is only one guy at the place as we walk in. Not even a nod to acknowledge that we are there as he is on the phone. His conversation continued for another 30 minutes as we are now impatiently waiting. In the mean time a couple show to see a bike they like. A mechanic all of the sudden pops out of nowhere to show them the bike, starts it and runs it for 10 minutes inside the showroom the size of my living room. At one point they are not even near the bike and the thing is still running. I open the main (only) door and hold them open to air the place while getting stares by the guy in the phone as the street noise is now getting into his important conversation. Finally he gets of and without a hello asked what we want and disappears in the back for another 10 minutes. Finally reappears with no pads and sets behind the desk to go over some paperwork with the couple. “You gotta be kidding me!!!” I approach him and ask what’s happening with the pads? After getting a stare like be just saw me for the first time he points me to the mechanic. Ok, once again the same routine, guy disappears for a while and finally shows with the long awaited pads but its the phone guy who has to punch it in. F*******K!!! Serenity now!! I go up to his desk. Luckily the couple is still admiring the running bike and seeing or hearing rather if the horn works. Politely but surely with frustration in my voice and face, I ask him to run it through. Slowly, as if I just asked a kid to go eat his brussel sprouts, he gets up the credit machine. “That will be $130 sir. Cash or credit?” “Sorry??!??” “Cash or credit?” He repeats. “No, the other part!” I my mind I’m beating this guy with the debit machine. “$130″. Without a remark I go outside to a) take a breather, b) explain the situation to Alex c) check my front brakes if I really need them as these guys are charging me more than double. Yup, I do. I go inside as these guys are beside each other with theirs arms crossed awaiting if they won or lost. “I’ll take it” I mumble. With disgust I pay for it and get the hell out. Maaan, I gotta call Augustin. I run back inside if I can use the phone to do a local call. “Land line or cell, sir?” I wasn’t sure and didn’t think it mattered. “This is a cell number, sir” he says as I show him the number. “We get charged for that”. I think he already forgot that he just overcharged me $80 on the pads. “Ahhh, f**k it” as The Dude would say, as I slam the door on the way out and hope for the glass not to break as a trade for my bike would be a fair deal for them for the damage.
Alecka BMW is the place on Avenida Bonmapark. Stay away!!!
I get a calling card and give Augustin a call for directions. His son Dylan meets us and leads us to their place. And what a place. Every guys dream garage. We get a warm welcome from Augustin and his Canuck wife Chara. What an awesome bunch of people. They obviously have no shortage of experience working on Bimmers as there is Augustin’s 1200RS and Dino’s 1100RT. Dylan and his dad have no problems servicing the bikes over the holidays as we head to chill to Isla de Mujeres for a few days.

The ferry only took about 20 minutes and the hotel Augustin booked us is amazing. With the dealer incident forgiven and forgoten im currently blogging from the hotel’s beach with and a chilled Sol. I’ll check back soon….


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