• Villa Abbajabba

    The view of the pool and grounds from your living room.

  • Villa Papaya

    King Size Bed in the master bedroom.

  • Villa Helena

    This villa style sleeps 2 people (option of one extra bed) 2 different styles available $350 USD/week or call for other rates

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    This villa style sleeps 4 people (option of one extra bed) 3 different styles available $450 USD/week or call for other rates

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    This villa style sleeps 2 people $300 USD/week or call for other rates

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    This villa style sleeps 2 people $300 USD/week or call for other rates

La Laguna/ Laundry Dec/26/2012

28 Dec

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…by now my nose resembles one of Rudolf and my lips are like grilled Oktoberfest sausages. A combination of constant windburn, sunburn, sea salt and Coronas micheladas has done a number on them.
So the previous title might be misleading as we never head out for Belize. Now looking at the map and realizing that we are getting way too close to our destination, we decided to spend one more night at the border in Chemutal. Well that and the reason that the smell in our dry bags was starting to be unbearable as the dirty kept on piling up.
We drop the laundry off and I head out to Wallmart for yet another micro chip card for the sports cam. This would be number four of 16 gigs each. I jump into a taxi to take back to the hotel and our plans for the day unveil than and there. The driver, Henry turn out to be this awesome guy that, coincidentally was born on Isla Mujer. He told us about this cool spot about a 30 minute drive from town. I wasn’t really up to hanging out in town. Don’t get me wrong. Chetumal is a nice town I’m sure but after a while they are start blending together. Main street, historic part, main square, church, boardwalk, etc, so thought it would be a nice change. Staying around the hotel is never an option.
I find Alex wrenching his bike as I unpack my shopping bag consisting of a six pack and a….”Where the hell is my memory card?” Ok. Retrace, look again. Check bag, check pockets. Nothing. I give Henry a buzz. Luckily I wrote his number down with the intention of calling him later for a ride to the lagoon. “Yeah, amigo. It’s on the floor here”. We got to stop leaving stuff in cabs. I arranged for him to pick us up in an hour.
Henry shows on the dot and we set out. Towel, some cash, no ID as we only got checked once while on the bikes the whole time in Mexico. “I just have to stop by my house to get my license” Henry announces. Great, so the whole time he has been driving without one. His subdivision is called Las Americas and all the street conveniently after each country. Except his. Ottawa.
As we near our destination we get stopped in a road block. Ok, everybody out of the car the officer says. Great. No IDs either of us is the first thing on my mind, closely followed by, what are the chances? Thank god at least Henry was smart enough. After a thorough search of the vehicle he turn to us with a smile. “Pasaportes, Señores?” “Mmm, see officer……”
Before I had a chance to come up with a story Henry explained to him that he truly did pick us up from a hotel. With a quick confirmation by the towels in my bag and sandals on our feet he set us off to go. There might have even been a hint of a smile and a salute but we were all piled in the car already just in case he changed his mind.

The lagoon was a bit different from what I imagined, but still quite a sight. For some reason I imagined a pool size lagoon with a waterfall and a blonde under it. Yes, Return to the Blue Lagoon. Apparently, inlets and bays and lakes fall under the lagoon category as well. This particular was an inlet of the Caribbean and a sparkly, fresh water river mouth with dozens of swim holes. Henry head out back with us around 4. On the way back we drive by his sister in law’s property. Henry must have sensed my interest for history as he sparks my curiosity with a story that there is 3 ancient ruins on there and his brother in law found a brass mask there. I would have to see it to believe it but I still wanted to get a octopus dinner in me and laundry was to be picked up after 5. Next trip.
Octopus had a fight with my stomach later so not by choice, I stayed in for the rest of the night and watched Teen Wolf with Michael J. Fox in Spanish.

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Heading for Belize Dec/25/2012

26 Dec

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We say good buy to Isla Mujeres and head on out to Cancun back to Augustin’s and Dylan’s place. Even on Christmas Day we caught these two wrench heads mingling in the garage. Bikes were ready for another lag of the journey with new brakes and oil. We start organizing our stuff when Alex starts looking for his wallet. Retracing his steps and searching the shop without any luck. Of course it had all his credit cards, license and cash that he just took out minutes prior. After a few minutes of hopeless searching, Dylan offer him a ride back accross town to the ferry and hopefully the cab has returned there and hopefully the wallet is there. Slim chance right? Well, not only that the cab was there but the wallet was on the back seat. Well that was a big relief for the both of us as it would have jeopardize this trip greatly. Not as much the credit cards as much as the license. No license, no border crossing. Sadly we have to say good bye to these two guys who helped us out so much. At some point I would like to get Dino more. The guy who pointed us to the back at the gas station. Augustin has told me some stories about him and he seems like a character. They guide us out of town, Augustin on his 1200R and Dylan on his Yamy 660 Raptor and along the Mayan Riviera we go.
150km of hotel beside hotel all the way to Tulúm. Sadly without any public access to the beach for the locals or the regular Joe traveling through. We stop off in Tulúm to get something to eat and to take a look at the Mayan ruins there. From what I have gathered, it is the only ones that are by the ocean. Before heading out to the ruins we grab some food at a nice restaurant with a not so nice waiter that kept poking our food with his finger showing us where the fish is on the plate. Once at the ruins, to avoid the insanely high parking of $6 per bike we park in the no parking zone. Guy comes out and after asking how much the bikes cost and how fast they are, he happily let us stay there. Alex chose to stay behind again so I went for a walk to the entrance 10 minutes away. As soon as I saw the lineup I tuned right around and went back.

Just before sundown we hop back on and head for a long ride that drags way into the night all the way to the Belizian border at Chetumal with the intention of crossing the next morning.

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