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Back to the Carribean Dec/31/2012

1 Jan

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Another crappy night and morning, so I decide to do something about it but not sure what yet. As soon as the market opens up I head out in hope to find a cure. Before you know it I’m standing in front of a store that besides other stuff seemed to be selling remedies and ointments. I briefly describe to the shaman with his fingers full of gold rings what is happening. Without hesitation he seemed to know what the problem is and pulls out two packages for me to choose from. Hmmm. The blue pill or the red pill. I opted for the more expensive at $4.90 which of course will give better and faster results than the $4.50 package. “Ok. Could you come over here and slide your shorts down” he says. “No, man. I got the flu I think” I reply confused by his request. “I understand” he insists. “Could you come over here and slide your shorts down” as he points for me to come behind the counter. Now that the package is open and he is reaching for a syringe off the shelf, its coming all together. Without hesitation and disregard of the morning passerbyes I go over and drop them. “I give you the thinner needle” he says as he is mixing the yellow and the transparent content on the vile. That made me really happy as it was the needle thickness that really worried me and not him using bare hands full of gold rings on his fingers and not disinfecting my left butt cheek. I pick the syringe up for inspection to make sure there is no bubbles in it. Good. Gitty up!
Whatever this stuff was, the results were instant. No longer was I worried to go on a 2 hour boat ride to Livingston. On the way there little native kids are pulling up to us on little dug out boats in either hope to get a gift or try to sell us sea shells.


Quite an interesting sight with the dozens of native huts in between the mangroves.

Next stop on the way was a small bar on the water that had hot springs right next to it. Up above the bar were some caves and caverns. All ran by natives.
To get to Livingston we back tracked a bit back to just a few kilometers from the southern most part of Belize. Livingston is now a small fishing town but used to be and very important port and trading place back in its day. Now its economy is based on tourism. A variety of cultures live there from East Asians, African, European and Native. The interesting thing is that it is not an island but is completely inaccessible by land. There is a few beaten up vehicles there but just like everything else, all brought in by barges.

The town even has its own laundrymat.

Past few days I am hooked on caracol. It is the meat from the big huge shells that people put to the ear thinking they hear the ocean. It is usually served grilled with garlic.

New Years was spent right in front of our hotel where the only party in town took place on the basketball field. In many South and Central American countries I noticed, that people don’t really give a damn about the quality of the sound, as long as it is super loud and has tons of bass.

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